Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following conditions govern the contractual relationship between you as a traveler and the travel agency Light Motives Travel Agency as an intermediary and the service providers (tour operators, airlines). Light Motives Travel Agency expressly informs all participants and travelers that contracts are not concluded with the travel agency Light Motives Travel Agency, but always with the specified service provider, taking into account the general terms and conditions of the respective service provider. Light Motives Travel Agency, hereinafter referred to as LM, acts as an intermediary for individual transport services and other tourism services (flights, hotel stays, rental cars, package tours, etc.). The following conditions therefore apply exclusively to our brokerage activities and have no influence whatsoever on the conditions under which the brokered services are provided.

1. Content

Your assignment to us, a transport service or any other touristic service, to provide travel-related services provided by a third-party travel provider, may be in writing, by email via online services or by telephone. However, you are bound to your booking order until acceptance by us or the tour operator for a maximum of 14 days from the date of registration. Acceptance by us may be in writing, by email (electronic mail) or via online services. The placement is deemed to have taken place once the travel documents have been sent to the customer or issued in electronic form (ETIX). The client of the booking is jointly and severally liable for all other travel participants, unless there is an express written declaration of liability of the other participants.

LM is not liable for:

  • direct damage resulting from improper operation, in particular from incorrectly transmitted or delayed order processing, unless LM caused this damage by gross negligence or intent.
  • Disruptions in connection with services that are merely provided as external services.
  • incorrect data in the database.
  • indirect damage of any kind or loss of profit.

Our contractual obligation is the proper mediation of the booked transport service or booked individual tourist service. The provision of the service as such is not part of our duties.

2. Liability of LM as an intermediary

Information about mediated promotions or mediated tourist services are based solely on the information provided by the responsible service providers to us, they do not represent a separate assurance of LM vis-à-vis the traveler. In the mediated services, we are not liable for the provision of services by the respective service providers, but only for proper mediation of the travel service and for the proper passing on of the information of the service provider to the participant.

3. Terms of payment

The payment of the service of the service provider takes place via bank transfer or via PayPal.

When booking – unless otherwise stated in the offer – 20% deposit and 21 days before the start of the trip the remaining 80% will be charged.

There is a duty LM to point out mistakes, discrepancies and mistakes. If such a reference is omitted, you are not entitled to withdraw from the contract due to non-notified deviations. The dispatch of the travel documents takes place exclusively electronically. LM assumes no liability for this, in particular for accidental loss, loss or non-discovery of the electronic documents.

Online bookings are “fixed bookings” with the service provider and as LM can not assume the risk of a fixed booking, the payment or down payment must be made immediately upon booking. Otherwise, LM withdraws from the mediation contract.

4. Rebooking & resignation

The rebooking of a mediated service can only be effected by resignation and subsequent new conclusion of a contract, unless the service provider has provided for this special regulations. In the case of resignation and rebooking, our claim to reimbursement of incurred expenses and escaped agency fees shall remain. For a new conclusion may arise a new claim for reimbursement and commission, unless we or the service providers are responsible for the rebooking. If the traveler withdraws from the contract LM calculates the cancellation conditions / fees of the respective tour operator / airline and a flat-rate rebooking / cancellation fee of € 30

5. Passport, visa, customs, foreign exchange and health regulations

1. The traveler is responsible for the observance of all important for the implementation of the travel important regulations such as passport, visa, customs, foreign exchange and health regulations. This does not only apply to the respective destination, but also to connecting airports in the itinerary. All the disadvantages, in particular the payment of cancellation fees, resulting from non-compliance with these regulations, shall be borne by him, even if these regulations were changed after the travel registration. LM is not liable for the timely issue and receipt of necessary visas by the respective diplomatic representation if the traveler has commissioned the tour operator with the procurement, unless LM is responsible for the delay.

2. We expressly point out that the possibility exists at any time of a change of these regulations by the authorities. The participant is therefore encouraged to follow up even the news and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on changes in the regulations in his country of destination in order to be able to adapt to changed circumstances in good time.

6. Limitation of Liability

For damage attributable to our brokerage, we are liable without limitation up to the amount of the price of the brokered service. For further damages we are only liable for intent or gross negligence.

7. Prohibition of assignment

An assignment of claims of the participant against LM to third parties, including spouses or relatives, is excluded. This concerns both claims arising from the agency contract and in connection therewith as well as from tort. The judicial assertion of the aforementioned claims of the participant by a third party in its own name is inadmissible.

8. Flight times and connecting flights

As far as LM announces flight times before the flight tickets are sent, this is subject to the change on the part of the airline or the tour operator.

The customer has to reconfirm the connection and return flight times at the earliest 72 hours before the respective flight date of the airline. LM is not liable for flight delays and delays, even if the airline has effectively excluded its liability to that extent.

If you book additional connecting flights yourself or through your travel agency, please note the flight times of the connecting flights, that the flight times of your holiday trip announced at the time of booking can only be non-binding flight times and can be changed for a variety of reasons at short notice , For connecting flights after returning from your holiday, please bear in mind that flight delays of several hours must always be expected in today’s international flight traffic. We therefore urgently recommend that you consider a considerable amount of time when booking connecting flights, and that it is best to choose a tariff that allows you to make changes at any time and free of charge.

9. Insurance and Privacy

We recommend the conclusion of travel luggage, travel accident, travel liability and travel health insurance with air ambulance from abroad. We are happy to support you with any questions (scope of service, price, purchase, etc.).

LM warrants that LM collects, processes, stores and uses the Customer Data solely for the purpose of conducting the Travel Brokerage for internal market research and marketing purposes. LM will pass on customer data only to order processing to involved companies to the required extent. If you do not wish to receive marketing information (newsletters), please let us know.

10. Providing information to third parties

Information about the names of the participants and the whereabouts of travelers are not given to third persons, even in urgent cases, unless the traveler has explicitly requested information. The costs arising from the transmission of urgent messages are borne by the customer. It is therefore recommended to travel participants to inform their relatives about the exact holiday address.

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